6th EWA/JSWA/WEF Joint Conference


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Resilience is a strong emerging theme within the water sector. From long term water resource availability and water quality impacts of droughts, to the need for resilience against short lead time disruptive events such as floods and earthquakes. These types of events not only disrupt water sector infrastructure and operations, they also affect other infrastructure that a reliable water sector depends on.

This includes electrical power supplies, telecommunications, and transportation as well as disruption to the supply chain and workforce. The impact of such events can be long lasting and far-reaching, affecting negatively on customers, the environment, and business performance. Ultimately, resilience is a significant business risk management as well as an infrastructure planning issue. This joint conference will explore ways in which the sector in its broadest terms is developing resilient systems, assets, and operations so that business continuity risk is well managed in the face of adverse conditions. The intention is to share experience from across the world covering: real life examples of lessons learned from major events; good response and recovery practices; and current activities that are strengthening resilience.

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